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Our history

One day, accompanying my parents to a dog show, then passionate about pugs (a breed that they will keep for more than 35 years under the Macry-sala affix), and then presenting my own Chinese crested dogs,  I walked past a large exhibition cage in which stood proudly 2 large naked Peruvian dogs. I was struck by their looks, intelligent and gentle, and their beauty.

It is true that I found the pugs, admittedly, funny and cute, but I never got as attached to them as I did to my Peruvians; as for Chinese crested dogs, the recurring need to have to wax some dogs (very common) I didn't like it, except the peru dog is a real nude, of course!

I hurried to show these naked wonders to my father, who found them very beautiful.

I was barely 17 at the time. They made me the great joy to buy me for my 18th birthday a magnificent nude from Peru, medium, of caramel color. I called him Umpala and we had wonderful years of bonding together. She was my first dog and my companion until her recent death.

It is with this pretty young lady that I started, certainly young, my own family breeding of Peruvian dogs. At 18 therefore.

I had already discovered for a very long time in contact with my parents and their breeding and mine, the rigorous, precious and intense work of healthy selection and preservation of the breed. Also I was very taken by the selection work on the Peruvian dog, so much so that I ended up bringing dogs directly from their country of origin, Peru.

I discovered at the first litter that the dogs of Peru weren't just naked, no! in the breed there are 2 varieties. The nude, of course, but also the hairy. I also quickly discovered that they were unloved. It was almost taboo to talk about it.
And yet! If the peculiarity of the hairless Peruvian dog is to be naked, the wonderful peculiarity of the hairy Peruvian dog is to be a Peruvian dog!

Make no mistake about it, a dog is not defined only by its appearance, but by everything that makes it a dog! His character, his temperament, his intelligence, his very nature!

Seeing these little hairy wonders in my land I made a promise to myself to fight so that they have the same importance as their naked brothers and sisters. It is in 2006 that I presented my little hairy ones to M MAISONNEUVE who has wanted to see them, I showed him Bonita by Luna Capreza and Baby Bloom by Luna capreza which he found magnificent! I was delighted! I therefore ignored the ugly words of some and I made my little way on my way.

My parents always taught me to do yes, a beautiful dog, but also a healthy and psychologically stable dog. Because you see a dog is not a robot, a dog is a living being.

I don't raise carrots, but animals.

The work was long and complex but also I was extremely happy and proud to have in the babies born at home the very first hairy champion of France! Our dear Choopeta de Luna Capreza was the first hairy winner! and his physique was used to write the first hairy standards! what happiness!

But I was young and as my education reminded me to always respect my elders, I was quickly distraught to see human wickedness, often coming from ill-advised bad tongues. I decided to stop everything and out of spite to flee to Alsace in a demanding job.

But Nature is playful. I was getting seriously illin 2009, shortly after receiving the last breeder's prize in 2009, I hadn't been a breeder for more than 2 years! how proud I am to win these prizes thanks to my babies!

It took more than 12 years to recover from this serious illness  and the first thing I did and wanted to do was surround myself with dogs, cats, nature. And so my ex-husband, knowing my love for Peruvians, bought me a little hairy bitch. Little Queenie joins us. (not being a bitch conforming to the breed, this one has been sterilized and is a companion dog at home.).

The embers were still hot, I felt like going back to the Peruvian dog track.

Having to move to have a house with a large lot, because I want my animals to be able to frolic as they please through meadows and forests, my decision was made.

I inquired and I was offered a splendid sandy-colored hairy female, with the sweet name of OMAMAMIA. I literally fell in love with her. Of course, people pointed out to me everywhere that "but she's a hairy one!" of course she is a hairy and a marvelous hairy one, who already has, despite her young age, some great prizes to her list! Yes I have 2 hairy people at home, what do you want, I love them!

I know that some people fear the contact of the naked skin of the Peruvians (it is necessary for all the tastes) therefore the hairy Peruvian becomes the ideal companion! A Peruvian dog character with hair, a wonderful companion, a loyal and intelligent friend who has nothing to envy of his naked counterpart.

the hairy peru dog's coat is soft, like silk, very short and tight on the body, shiny.  They are also following many reflections on the subject, more dynamic and precocious than the nudes!

it's a long love affair with the dogs of Peru, it is true that a truce took me away from them, but this passion is still present. today we have in the luna capreza family 1 beautiful male naked (a large), a naked female (small medium) a hairy female (medium) and another hairy female!


I was fortunate enough to see a little hairy chocolate and sand born 15 years later! imagine my happiness! "It's fate, a sign!" all my friends told me, it was obvious that she was staying at home!

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chien du pérou
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